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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Educator Time on Task Algorithm

There's often discussions about time on task in schools. How much time is required of every educator? What algorithm would you use to determine this?

I thought about this today and I imagine an algorithm like this.

Figure out the per day total by adding up the following weekly tasks and dividing by 5:
  • Lesson prep, planning, and response. I estimated one hour per one hour course for 5 or more students, and 30 minutes for one hour of teaching with less than 5. 
  • Time on Task with Students including teaching and supervision.
  • Expected committee and professional work that falls outside of the top two areas per week.
Then add on other expected yearly tasks such as parent conferences, report cards, field trip time that is not traditional instructional time, conferences, and other expected, professional tasks. Divide that number by 183 (days in the school year) and add to the figure above. 

What would be a reasonable result. I would say 8 hours. My guess is that the range of result would equal anywhere from 8 to 20 dependent on the educator.

How would you change my algorithm? 

Do you use an algorithm to help create fair working conditions for all people in an organization? If so, how did you create and use those algorithms?

I think that this could be a new way to look at salary and working conditions in a collective way.