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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Computation Camp

There's a lot of variability with computation in the fifth grade. As we consider the computation ladder that begins with combinations that make 5 and 10 all the way up to algebra and more, we have students on almost all rungs of the ladder.

To address the needs and to try to bring students to a good fifth grade level, we'll essentially have "computation camp" in the next few weeks.

We'll begin "camp" by giving students the chance to correct their last math test and even take it over if they'd like. There's a few that really rushed the test, and I suspect they'll take me up on the offer to re-take the test.

Then there will be a host of computation camp exercises and activities. Some will include partner work, some will consist of teacher led groups, and others will be individualized efforts.

I'll start each student out at the point that they're at on that computation ladder, and then give them lots of chances to learn, practice, and test up to the next level. I think this will be a good way to bring everyone ahead with the computation expectations by the end of 2016.