Sunday, December 18, 2016

Care and the Will to Do Better

Learning profits from care and the will to do better. 
It's frustrating to work with the "know-it-all." an individual that has all the answers and rarely admits an error, asks a question, or looks to others for help. This kind of "know-it-all" is always "right" and clearly feels he/she has no need for further learning or growth.

We can all be this "know-it-all" at one time or another, but it's never the person to be.

Instead the colleague we typically honor is the one who continually and kindly works for betterment. He/she acknowledges areas of knowledge and areas of need. This person is humble and collaborative. Even if he/she erred in the past, it's easy to forgive the misdeeds because this is a person who owns past challenges with an attitude of moving on, getting better, and being more compassionate.

None of us are there or know it all. We can all, however, point to people who far surpass our abilities and efforts in particular areas--we marvel at these people's experience, skill, and effect. We learn from those individuals. We also work with people who are looking to us to lead them in our areas of competency and success. We're all on that learning path somewhere.

Care and the will to do better empowers our paths, collaboration, and result. This is an important consideration.