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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Building Better Schools

Today I'll attend a meeting where teachers share ideas for building better schools.

I'm looking forward to hearing the ideas these teachers bring to the table, ideas culled from numerous conversations with educators.

What will they say?
What do they prioritize with regard to better schools?
What variation will there be related to educators' ideas?

As an educator of 31 years, I have one lens with regard to better schools. I have a large number of ideas, yet I know I'm one lens, one voice. I look forward to the voices of others, others who represent diverse roles, years of experience, discipline areas, and more.

What trends will emerge?

This coming together is led by a wise educator. The teacher representatives are a dedicated team. Fair process is in place. Transparency and good communication trumps.

I am most dedicated to good, fair process in this regard. I believe that good, fair process will result in schools that are better for all stakeholders. I'm looking forward to the continued journey this quest has become. Onward.