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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


When I came home yesterday, I was really upset. A couple of issues that occurred in school spurred my frustration, issues that related to teaching children well. I wondered why there hasn't been change in those areas, change that might really make a positive difference.

After a while I spoke up, and that felt good. I needed to advocate for change again, though I didn't want to since I know that advocacy, at times, is met with challenge and push back. It's daunting to advocate when you know you are going to face some who do not support what you see as a need.

Then today I revisited the issues with colleagues. Many agree that there is need for change in the areas I identified. The kind of change I desire matches cognitive research and areas of self discipline and self esteem. It's positive change that relates well to the students and programs I teach.

The fact that I felt "voiceless" with regard to decisions was at the root of the issue. I'm certainly not always right, but when I have the chance to make decisions with others that impact my work, I am empowered, and that empowerment serves my students and their learning programs well. On the other hand, too scripted programs with little choice do not empower when it comes to teaching well.

I wish we had the chance to teach the standards with the freedom to choose the timeline, methods, and materials. I wish there was more ownership and independence give to teachers who want to stay on top of the research and craft lessons to fit both standards and students' interests, needs, and passions.

I will continue to advocate which as much respect as I can.