Thursday, December 15, 2016


Adam had been carrying the stone for a long time.

It was a polished white gem with smooth edges and specks of gray.

When wondering, he'd caress the stone as if it had magic powers, and it seemed to enrich his ideas.

Once, though, at the top of a high hill, Adam looked out at the field all around him. He spied towering trees, old houses, children playing, gardens, and even a worn out office park. He lie down on the hill top and looked up at the clouds. He took a deep breath and wondered.

It was time to leave the rock for another passerby, he thought. It had brought him the magic he needed. So he gently got up and placed the rock on a nearby boulder, and then picked up a jagged gray rock the size of an orange. He held the rock over his head and thought, I'll carry this rock for a while. It's heavier, awkward, harsh and heavy to hold, but as I look into the shadows of each crag, I see a different design and curious shapes.

Tossing the clumsy rock from one hand to another, Adam skipped down the hill. He was glad for the days he had with the smooth white wonder rock in his pocket, and he also looked forward to the challenge the new stone would bring.