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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Weekend Work: Teaching Well

One reason that grade-level teachers work a lot on the weekend is that most of the time during the work week is spent with children, hence the paperwork and thinking work ends up on weekend time. Is this good or not so good?

In general, I think we should strive to make professional work, work that fits into the work week so that educators and all professionals have some time for family and enjoyment outside of school.

I believe that those who don't work with children are often frustrated by educator share during the weekend. I continue to think that the great issue here is that some have time for thinking and communicating during work hours and others don't, thus the weekend work that can be perceived as annoying by those that have considerable desk time during the official work week. There is a disjuncture of the way time is allocated in many organizations that creates less than optimal opportunity for communication and share.

With that in mind, my goal for the week ahead is to bring home much less homework next weekend as the fall weekends have been mostly spent with lots and lots of paperwork and school work, and not enough time for personal interests and camaraderie.

All teachers face this dilemma and there's a variety of responses to it. It's one more piece of the teaching/learning puzzle.