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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Time and Power

The way one uses time can often be associated with power.

For example, I reached out for some support and answers, but received no response.

Yes, there's no expectation that one respond quickly, but the issue was hurtful, deep, and troubling  and often when that's the case, people do respond with timeliness and care.

A lack of response demonstrates the lack of concern and care, and frankly serves to add salt to the wounds. Not responding virtually says, "It doesn't matter to me," affirms the related suffering, and challenges patience.

A discussion that started early in the fall was met with little to no response. Follow up work and questioning was also met with little to no response. Now this issue is met with little to no response.

It's the way things often are.

Some call for private meetings, but the private meetings and singular emails continue the game of "telephone" where stories arise and change through each interaction--I really desire a more transparent, inclusive response--one that everyone at the table can refer to, comment on, and understand. When we have a chain of individual conversations, the issue only becomes more confusing filled with hearsay, conjecture, and possible mistruths.

We spend too much time in our organizations and world with miscommunication rather than streamlined, steady, and inclusive communication--the kind that all can hear and respond to together.

I say it again and again. One reason I like our state department of education so much is that they send out a weekly newsletter with really good information that helps me to do my job well. They tell what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen. They lead you in preparing well for change and contributing your ideas for upcoming decisions. I honor this process.

Strategic process and good communication is at the center of any organization. Secrets, deals, side talk, and lack of response serves to diminish what we can do well together and how we can honestly and positively develop our efforts to serve children well.