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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Supporting The Emerging Leader

There's are emerging leaders in my midst. Right now these individuals possess desire to lead. Similar to any inexperienced individual with a dream, the efforts are not always well positioned, directed, or carried out--there's lots of room for growth and development.

At times the emerging artists, leaders, musicians, scientists, and other dreamers amongst us will display their inspiration, drive, and developing skills in awkward ways--ways that might even be problematic at times. When this happens, it's our responsibility as teacher, colleague, friend, or family member to find ways to acknowledge the dream/vision, help the individual create the learning path, and then mentor/coach those individuals forward.

Too often early dreams are squished and seen as problematic due to the fact that the emerging dream efforts do not fit into expected spaces of behavior. action, speak, and more. Too often we don't take the time to look deeply enough at a child, colleague, or friend to unearth the dream, passion, direction, and inspiration within. When we take that time we see the "diamond in the rough" - the emerging jewel that a child is.

I look forward to helping the emerging leaders I refer to at the top of the page. I also look forward to working with my dynamic teaching/learning team to support all of our students' dreams and hopes in the days ahead.