Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Looking Forward

Many have wandered these waters to the distant ocean over time.

There are many stories to tell. Some are brave, courageous tales, and others are tales of misfortune. Still some are happy vignettes and then there are those which make us shiver and shake.

It's of little worth to look back at this time as that retrospective will lead us astray from the promise that awaits.

Better to look ahead with as clear a view and steady gaze as possible.

Stand forth with the good sailers that lead you.

Reach out for their wisdom and experience.

They've sailed these seas many times and know its wavy course.

Yet they've retained their inspiring chants and songs.

Come with us.

Bring your cheer.

Good awaits us there.

Don't tally or look back, but ahead instead

To the place that we are going, a better place ahead.