Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Collegiality: Growing Your Work

My work intersects with many.

Young students typically want to do well. They're also playful, friendly, and creative. The key is to maximize their will to succeed with their playful, spirited nature. I enjoy this positive challenge as I seek to teach each child well.

Family Members
Typically family members are a child's greatest coach and supporter--family members know their children well and want the best for them. I think of family members as valuable members of the teaching team and try to inform them with useful information, provide choice, and respond to their questions and suggestions regularly.

Colleagues work side-by-side with me. I learn a lot from them, and seek their advice regularly as I navigate new issues related to teaching well. We do better together.

Professional Learning Network (PLN)
My professional learning network essentially keeps me up to date with all that is happening in the broader education community. Their words, links, and share teach me and challenge me. They are always a valuable resource.

Curriculum Leaders, Coaches, and Specialists
I work with many whose job is to lead the curriculum efforts. They bring to teachers' their priorities, interpretation of curriculum expectations, standards, and goals, and ideas/efforts for change. It is my responsibility to follow their direction.

Similar to curriculum leaders, coaches, and specialists, they lead the work I do and similarly it is my responsibility to follow their direction.

As a member of the union, I h ave a responsibility to contribute and I also have the ability to utilize their resources which serve to empower and elevate the work I can do to teach well.

Professional Affiliations
Similar to my PLN, these affiliations serve to forward the work I can do to teach well.

Understanding the potential that exists with those you work with and for is essential to the good work possible.