Thursday, October 27, 2016

Working Up Within the Parameters

Down with a chest cold today, I have a bit of time to think.

I will work up within the parameters and make the teaching/learning as dynamic and student-centered as I can.

How will that happen?

I'll go deep with each standard, and as Jose Vilson suggested on Saturday, I'll think carefully about the pedagogy.

As always when windows close, doors open.

I'll look for the opportunity in the greater directives, control, and mandates--I'll find the silver lining.

I will use my typical point of decision making which is "At the end of my life will I be happy if I > . . . ." It's a good phrase to lead decision making.

In all, I continue to believe that schools hold potential to be dynamic, positive places of collaborative share and teaching. I will continue to advocate for the learning communities I've read about and imagine as I know that those kinds of communities will contribute to a better future and better world.

In the meantime, I'll figure out a way to be successful in the environment where I teach now. Onward.