Thursday, October 27, 2016

Why I am Voting No on Question Two

I like our Governor, but I don't agree with his argument with regard to Question Two.

Too much privatization of our public institutions and money does not promote long term welfare for the citizens of Massachusetts.

We are tops in the nation when it comes to public schools, and there's no reason why we can't continue that trend by focussing on creative ways to continue to build all of our public schools into the best possible schools.

There's no need to sell out to the private sector when we're already doing a good job, and we can use that money to do an even better job.

Many who support students who live in neighborhoods that most charter schools target are saying no to question two. They see the long term problems with giving the private sector our public school dollars to invest in their own private schools.

If the private sector wants to create schools, they can do that with their own money, but the public should not have to fund this venture.

Further, I'm all for public entities purchasing innovations from the private sector, but it's up to the public to make that decision. We don't need to give our public money away to privateers to use at their discretion.

Massachusetts has what it takes to continue the trend of creating the best possible schools in the country. We know what needs to be done to make schools better, and we have what it takes in the public sector to do that.

Vote No on Question 2. We don't need to give our money away to private enterprise. (Most of them have enough of their own to fund charter schools as private schools if that's what they really want to do.)

Note: With this new law, privateers could also create boutique charters in small towns, and those towns would have to hand over the dollars for those schools. There's no need for that at this juncture in the road.