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Sunday, October 02, 2016

What is Good Process?

Sometimes conjecture gets in the way.

Instead of making the time for deep, comprehensive analysis, people conjecture instead.

When I read Intentional Interruption I was struck by the fact that humans often don't want to go deep and look at data and statistics with an open mind, broad focus, and targeted analysis.

In general, I believe that figuring out good processes and then using those processes in a timely manner can uplift the work we do to teach and learn well.

How can we rightly change and develop the processes we've used in the past to promote better work in the future?

As I think of this, I have the following suggestions:
  • Re-look at timelines and give process the time it needs in order to result in good change and growth.
  • Include more voices in the process in targeted ways. Don't simply rely on the analysis of a few, but figure out ways to make the process more inclusive.
  • Use data and statistics honestly and don't shy away from the troubling news, but instead embrace it and truly figure out how to dismantle it.
  • Report honestly and transparently all facts and figures so that everyone understands what's happening and why.
I truly enjoy thinking and learning about processes that serve to uplift our work and result. If you use a process or multiple processes that promote good work, I'd like to learn more about this. So let me know.