Monday, October 31, 2016

The Words You Choose

We have significant power over words.

Initially, we may choose to speak or not. Each can be the right choice dependent on circumstances, but it's not such a bad idea to think, Shall I speak or not.

Then we can choose the words we use. Word choice makes a difference.

We may choose to complain or critique, compliment or cheer up, empathize, wonder aloud, shout, or whisper.

We all know words are powerful.

A few simple words can change the course of history and make a significant impact on individuals and communities.

Some err when they use words. This makes us wonder if it's worth it to use the words. Some choose to rarely use words at all, and others overuse. Is it better to take a risk and speak or stay silent. Depends.

The words we use are such an important consideration, and such a powerful opportunity to make a difference, impact a life, and impart new ideas, warning, and inspiration.

I will be thinking more about this in the days to come.