Monday, October 24, 2016

The Five Year Rule

Sometimes I get discouraged that new ideas don't take hold and/or are met with harsh response. Yet, then in five years, most of those new years begin to be embraced.

Right now I'm smarting from the following ideas that I believe in
  • more creative, ready, and dynamic tech integration
  • distributive leadership
  • teacher leaders and hybrid teaching models
  • greater voice and choice for all stakeholders in learning communities
  • "learning community" rather than "school"
  • collaboration over compliance
  • more dynamic, holistic, and meaningful math teaching and learning
  • the use of more strategic process to solve problems
  • greater transparency and share
  • more differentiated, teacher-centered professional learning
The world around schools are talking about these issues a lot. Major educational organizations are promoting these attributes as I've learned from my reading, study, and interaction with those organizations. But many schools are not ready to embrace these ideas.

Though in five years, the ideas will probably take hold. About five years ago (or more) I was advocating for one-to-one and now we have it and it looks like it may even get better. In the past few years, I've been advocating for a standards-based measure to get a good overview of math and now the system is beginning to try out one. I've been an advocate for Twitter for a bit more than five years and now my school has an official Twitter account. 

Change does happen, and it takes about five years or more. I just wish we didn't have to suffer so much in the early stages of new ideas. Onward.