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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Super Supports

As our school continues to move away from old time factory models of education to new knowledge age models of learning and teaching, I am realizing that we have super support.

For example English Language Learner Teachers, Special Educators, Teaching Assistants, and Therapists join us often to support all students with learning. Today, for example, there were three other professionals in the room helping 24 students learn. There was all kinds of coaching happening and the result was happy children who were proud of the learning they were doing.

A good schedule, tech tools to lead collaboration, collaborative time built into the schedule, focused, responsive learning design, and dedication to our learners are tying this collaborative team together. We even used a few rough spots to dig into the program with greater depth, and we came out ahead with regard to what we can do together.

This was one of those teaching days when you look around and almost everything is going better than you hoped it would. May it continue.