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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Moving Forward: Late October 2016

ECET2-MA2016 is right around the corner, and I must say it has already been a terrific learning event. I've learned so much about putting on a conference, and I'll always respect conference organizers after this event. I never realized how much leg work goes into making a conference happen.

I'm really excited to meet all the people who chose to go to this event. I can't wait to hear the keynotes speak and network with the people there. It's great to know that there are so many people eager to spend a day discussing how we can Teach ALL Children.

At school I look forward to continuing the teaching/learning program with the students. When my team presented at the MassCUE conference this week, it made me realize how rich and positive our shared teaching model is. I'm committed to investing in that model and focusing on the students and educators who work together to effect the best possible learning and teaching.

I'm thinking about professional culture, professional learning, and the new ESSA legislation too. I truly want to work with colleagues to build a top notch professional environment that puts educators and students first. I want to see educators have greater ownership, choice, and voice with regard to the issues that affect them. I want greater transparent and open share as well as differentiated professional learning. There's no reason for educators to feel diminished or disregarded in our schools as we have a terrific environment for high quality teaching and learning. Good teachers are hired and remain in our system, and I'd like to see those teachers have a greater opportunity to lead their collective efforts and result.

Once ECET2-MA2016 is past, I'll also focus on learning to write a book with a mentor who has offered mentoring and leadership in this regard. That will be a good professional challenge. Another challenge I'm looking forward to exploring more is our collective team goal related to culturally proficient teaching.

Before big events like ECET2-MA2016, I like to look and think about what will happen once the event is over. I hope to take the learning and enthusiasm from the event back to school. I'll also work with colleagues to help students prepare their showcase portfolios for upcoming parent conferences. This reflective piece helps students to direct and appreciate their own learning.

For now, it's all about ECET2-MA2016. Onward.