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Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Musings: October 14, 2016

It was only a two-day teaching week due to Columbus Day, a day off, and the Jewish holiday, yet at the end of the day on Friday it seems like it was a five day week since we're back in the thick of it.

Base Ten Place Value System
I spent the last couple days introducing students to the Base Ten Place Value system. It's always interesting to see the connections students made and patterns they discerned as we began this study. Next week we'll look at the many ways to write, round, and compare numbers from thousandths to thousands.

The week also found me working with the ECET2-MA2016 team to finalize lots of details with regard to our upcoming event. I'm really looking forward to meeting the many people who nominated themselves or were nominated to attend the event. While I know a few, there are many I don't know. I'm also looking forward to the learning and share that will take place that day. It's been a positive challenge to plan and carry out this event--an event that I hope will truly elevate and celebrate the educators who attend.

Our grade level team heads off to MassCUE this week to present how we use technology to support our successful shared teaching model. I look forward to presenting with my colleagues as well as attending a number of other great sessions throughout the day.

Math Team
Our cross-schools math team will visit the Middle School to observe their math classes and discuss the transition from fifth grade to the middle school. The team includes very invested and talented teachers at both 5th grade and Middle School so I'm sure the day will prove to be inspiring and positive with regard to developing my craft in this area.

The Class Community
I've really grown to love, yes love, the fifth grade class. They truly are a group of kind children who teach me as much as I teach them. They're eager to learn, and I enjoy working to figure out the best ways to teach them with the broad team of grade-level teachers, specialists, parents, and others who contribute to our team.

My big focus in this regard right now is teaching the math well, running a small RTI reading fluency/comprehension group, and working with the team to make our program more culturally proficient and representative of the children's cultures, interests, and needs.

The year's moving quickly and the key is to stay on track to make it a successful year for all. Onward.