Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fostering Educational Leadership

This image comes from Dan Rockwell's  (Leadership Freak) Blog Post, 10 Ways to be a Leader That People Want to Follow

It's not simple to be a leader. To be a leader, takes skill. Often good leaders were well mentored by family members when they were young.

As educators, it's important to both hone our own leadership skills as well as to support the leadership skills of our students.

I really like Rockwell's list which I embedded above, and I'm wondering how that would translate into a school setting. Here are my thoughts:

He saw things in me that I didn't see in myself. 
Take time to notice and acknowledge with sincerity the special qualities, gifts, and contribution of the colleagues and students around you.

She cared about people and ran a tight ship.
Put people first. Stop and spend time on the personal issues. Be prepared, organized, and targeted about your work.

I was confident she had my back.
Be trustworthy and honest. Support those you work with.

He had competencies I aspired to gain.
Keep developing your skill and expertise so you have something of value to offer others.

She's always pressing forward.
Continue to learn, update, develop your craft and skill.

She was humble.
Don't forget that you're one small piece in the incredible puzzle of your profession and life.

He expected a lot out of me and himself. He walked the talk.
Exemplify what you believe in and discuss. Have high expectations for those you work with and for.

He's passionate to learn.
Make learning part of your professional pattern. Share your learning in positive (not "know it all" ways)

They have good character.
Pay attention to the attributes of good character. Work to develop those attributes in yourself and those you teach.

Focus on adding value, not gaining followers.
How can you add value to the organization, and people for whom you work, live with, and serve?

Become the person you would choose to follow. Would you follow you?
One education leader I truly look up to has so many great qualities including perseverance, life long learner, loving family man, sense of humor, willingness to risk and reach out to make things better for students, willingness to speak out, continual positive and challenging share, lots of hard work, and humility. He's truly an example for me.

Honor people. People choose leaders who make them feel they matter.
It's not all about you, but instead it's all about all of you. Make the time to honor, elevate, and celebrate those around you.

This really is a terrific list to use as you develop your skill and craft as an educator, and as mentioned above, it's also a terrific list to use with students as you help them to develop their own leadership skills and strengths.

Thanks for the inspiration Dan Rockwell!