Thursday, October 27, 2016

Embrace or Steer Clear of Drama

Yes, I'm dramatic.

I feel deeply, like to create, and do a lot of my work based on the signals I get from the people and places around me.

This energy is often positive and sometimes not so positive. Mostly, it works well when teaching large groups of young children. Like me, they're energetic, expressive, and creative too.

This drama isn't always the best when working with adults. Many adults like it to be calmer, slower, and less intense. They seem to prefer order, logic, and less rather than more.

These are gross generalizations, but I have a sense that these generalizations, in some ways, point to the struggle that some teachers face as they navigate the classroom-management connection. The classroom calls us to be flexible, responsive, creative, and curious, while management desires that we follow the directives set and complete the tasks expected. I will think more on that.

Drama has its place, and that's an important consideration as I continue down the teaching/learning road.