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Monday, October 24, 2016

Back to School After Professional Learning Days

It's been a four-day classroom hiatus for professional learning including MassCUE, a system-wide math learning event, and ECET2-MA2016. During this time teaching assistants, substitute teachers, and special educators ran my class. I know that today when I return there will be a bit of catching up to do.

I remember when my parents took their first extended trip away from the children. They went to a wedding in New Jersey and relatives took care of us. While they were away, we were fine, but when they first returned, all we did was whine and cry--we let them know that we needed and wanted them, and weren't too happy that they left us for a few days.

I'm sure I'll face a bit of the same today as when the students arrive they'll likely want to tell me about what happened when I was away especially the "unfair" events that occurred--that's a typical response. I'll listen and respond. Then we'll get back to the learning.

It's important for educators to spend time outside of the classroom taking part in professional learning events. Those events, when well chosen and worthy, enrich our repertoire and make us better teachers. It's also important that we spend substantial time in the classroom too. Students need that kind of consistency when it comes to good learning. That's why I carefully choose my professional learning. I won't be out of the classroom again until January when I attend Educon 2.9 and also spend a day planning and preparing for a wonderful student learning event with my grade-level team.  Then in March, I'd like to attend the Massachusetts Teachers of Mathematics conference in Worcester, MA. I want to work and study more with that association as I develop my math teaching craft.

Now it's time to ready for the day. I'm happy to return to my muse, the students.