Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tough Day

It was the first tough day of the year. It wasn't a tough day with students, but it was a tough day related to procedures, patterns, and protocols. There's no reason to go into detail, but it was one of those days that's difficult not to bring home.

Yet, if I look closely at the many events that occurred, I realized I learned a lot--a lot about time, focus, effort, and goals.

Sometimes we simply put our time and energy into less than ideal places. And when we do that, it doesn't take long to know that we've taken a wrong direction. There's lots of details with regard to teaching well--details that can pave the way to super teaching or details that can present like a fishing net.

Tomorrow's a new day. Hopefully the many questions related to today's events will be answered soon and the new routines identified will take effect and serve us well. Everyday is not going to be the best day of school. Onward.