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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Time for Assessment and Goal Setting

We'll continue to work on team building, routines, and community, and we'll add assessment too. Students will take a number of assessments that demonstrate their attitudes, skills, concept, and knowledge. Educators will use the assessments to craft programs with and for students that are engaging, relevant, and meaningful.

Tomorrow students will take an attitudinal survey and the next day they'll take a knowledge survey. Both surveys will give me good information about who I am teaching and what they need and are looking for. Further I'll ask students to write a math biography to let me know about their math learning, attitudes, interests, and needs.

By the last week in October when we sit down with family members we'll have a comprehensive view of students interest/need profile which will help family members, educators, and students to set goals.

In the meantime, as mentioned above we'll continue a focus on team building, projects, and many other learning experiences too. The year is off to a great start.