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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Teaching Well 2016-2017: The Second Week

Plans for the second week are set.

Team Building
We'll watch IDEO's shopping cart video--a great video of what modern day teams look and act like. If you have other similar examples, let me know  Then we'll put that teamwork into action as teams build marshmallow-spaghetti towers. Rather than compete for the highest tower, I'll let teams decide if they are going to build towers that aim to be the highest, sturdiest, most beautiful, or the combination or two or three.

We'll have our first Open Circle and use our "Three Truths and One Lie" sheets to introduce ourselves. Students will read their statements and their classmates will have decide which statement is not true. I'll model the activity first.

Name Project
Students will complete the Name Project as another way to get to know each other. We'll share the results with family members at Curriculum Night.

Math Starts
The beginning of math will focus on Math Autobiographies, classroom routines, assessments, and online games students can play on their own and with friends to develop skill, concept, and knowledge.

Observation and Response
My focus will be to observe and respond helping every child feel comfortable and heard. Together I want us to co-construct the classroom, and I'll make that a priority during this second week of school.

By week's end we'll hopefully be a tighter community that has a sense of routine and focus as well as the feeling that all of us matter with regard to our school year team. Now for a bit of Labor Day relaxation and celebration. Onward.