Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Teaching Content and The Brain at the Same Time

I find that when I teach,  I teach content and the brain at the same time.

We've talked about brain paths and how new learning has much less strong paths than learning that has had plenty of practice and time.

We've talked about the difference between long term and short term memory and how that affects learning.

We've discussed the way that color coding benefits the way the brain interprets information.

I've mentioned that the brain looks to connect new information with information already known.

I'm not a brain expert, but I've read some information.

I want to read more.

Teaching today is helping students become cognizant of how their brains work, and the ways that they can use that knowledge to maximize learning.

Do you combine learning content and learning about the brain. If so, what does that look like. I want to learn more.

Addition: Maximizing Brain Potential