Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Keeping Up with Paperwork

It's difficult to keep up with the paperwork required to teach, work that you are expected to do after the teaching/learning day.

The challenge lies in the fact that an educator's after school work often includes the following:
  • paperwork related to field studies
  • paperwork related to student study response
  • paper/online work related to parent/student response
  • research and lesson planning
  • classroom clean-up, set-up, and organization
I'm trying a Wednesday-to-Wednesday system this year, showcase portfolios, and a student response slip. Today I'll make an effort to complete that work so I can hand out the responses tomorrow. 

I write this post simply to acknowledge the challenge that paper/online work presents to educators who spend most of their work days with time-on-task efforts with students and colleagues. Still thinking.