Thursday, September 22, 2016

Day by Day

Now that I've mused about a number of bigger issues in life and education, it's time to set the pace for tomorrow and the week ahead.

Tomorrow will find educators attending a STEAM professional learning event, discussing students' at-home technology needs, organizing logistics, finalizing and sending out the newsletter, spending time with our kindergarten buddies, and hosting the Global Cardboard Challenge Arcade on the playground. Yes, a busy and fun day.

Next week students will learn about coordinate grids as they prepare for their nature adventure at the end of the week. We'll also continue reading our wonderful read aloud, Pax. There will be reflections about the Global Cardboard Challenge, fact assessments, homework meetings with a few individual students, and perhaps the start of showcase portfolios too.

It will be a good week to focus in on ECET2-MA2016 and write a grant to support a grade-level event. Onward.