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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Student Assessment, Reflection, and Better Work

Today students will have a chance to assess and reflect upon short videos they created last week. Before they watch the first draft with the class, I'm going to tell them that it's my goal to encourage them to complete work that they are proud of and happy to share with others. I'll tell them that each short video is a bit different from the others and that's okay as the videos depict who we are and we're not all the same and what's important to us is not all the same either.

Further I'll tell them to assess the video from their point of view and the point of view of the audience with the following questions:
  • Can we hear your voice?
  • Do you like the background?
  • Are the words easy to see?
  • Are you happy with the timing?
  • Do you display posture that shows you are proud and happy with yourself?
  • Does the video depict who you are, the message you want to send, and how you want people to see you?
After that students will have the opportunity to complete and/or update their videos--videos we'll share with family members on Curriculum Night.

This lesson will give students a chance to employ the reflection process with one another to better their work and performance. We'll do this a lot this year as one way to uplift the learning for all. I recognize that there's humility and vulnerability involved in this process so I'll tread gently and say that I know it's tough to see our work publicly in front of the class. Fortunately the students are young, and younger students are less sensitive to sharing their efforts with others. It's good to start this kind of self assessment in the early years as it will serve students well later on.