Monday, August 29, 2016

Teacher Day One: School Year 2016-2017

Wayland Public Schools 2016-2017 Goals

There were a number of positive and helpful surprises on the first day of school including increased computer access (yeah!), terrific organizational notes from many colleagues to help with students' first days of school, a host of exciting initiatives shared by colleagues, and a school system-wide vision that I value and desire to support since the vision holds promise for what we can do with and for students.

My lean classroom is airy and inviting. Since I'm co-creating the environment with students, I've hung few posters and displayed less materials. We'll take the start slowly emphasizing organizing, getting to know one another, and creating classroom protocols, routines, and goals.

Data reports and the online parent survey have provided us with an initial sketch of each student and the class. Next week's share with last year's teachers, curriculum night, another survey, and lots of team building activities will broaden and deepen our understanding.

It's the first year in a long time that I haven't had a major change in grade, structure, school, or curriculum which means it's a year when I can really focus in on goals set and the students in my midst.

Dan Callahan adds a thoughtful response to this post:
He's got me thinking about a better T word--any ideas?