Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Students First Day of School

Students will learn about classroom "coaching corners"
and the potential good coaching holds for reaching their goals.
It's tough to beat what a "servant leadership" attitude and action does for your work as an educator. When you see your role as one of serving students, engagement and empowerment for you and your students naturally follows. It's amazing.

So today as we begin the year, there's much that my colleagues and I will do to serve our students well.

The day will start with lots of introductions. There's no way around it as to introduce the students to what's available and what's possible allows them to think broadly about what and how they'll access the supports available to learn.

Hence, I'll introduce our class website, routines, upcoming field studies, and overall curriculum goals.

There will also be time for read aloud, choosing books, recess, lunch, and starting our name project.

I'm looking forward to meeting my new students, learning their names, and hearing their stories. It's a gift to meet 24 new people, people that will impact my life greatly in the year ahead.