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Monday, August 01, 2016

Rerouting the Path: Teaching Year 2016-2017

Updates, news, and notices served to reroute the professional path for 2016-2017, hence the new outline:

Once my team receives the schedule, we will create our three-classroom shared teaching/learning routine. Then we'll work with specialists to make sure that time is set for every child to receive the specialist services they are entitled to.

Parent Surveys
We'll continue to encourage parents to complete parent surveys in order to help us teach their children well.

Curriculum Night Presentation
We'll update the curriculum night presentation and work with the principal to make sure we have the time and space needed for this early school year event.

Curriculum Map
We'll review and update the curriculum map together.

Room Set Up
I'll organize the room for next year's students - "Everything in it's place, a place for everything."

Learning Year Goals
I'll review the learning year goals with the principal who is my evaluator.

Union Work
I'll work with my local union to support their efforts.

I'll teach the curriculum standards as outlined by the state and district.

I'll work with the team to implement the designated STEAM projects for our grade-level.

I'll follow the pattern laid forth by the district administration in this regard.

Community Building/Learning-to-Learn
I'll embed the programming outlined by district administration.

I'll work with my team to solidify our grade-level calendar

Professional Learning
I'll continue to work with the ECET2 team to plan and facilitate our Massachusetts ECET2.

Massachusetts Teachers Advisory Cabinet
I will serve on this committee and meet as designated by the committee.

Child Study Team
I'll serve on our school's child study team.

MassCUE Presentation
Our grade-level team will present the technology tools and efforts that support our successful fifth grade shared teaching model.

I'm looking forward to the school year ahead--a chance to work closely with my grade-level team and the many wonderful students I teach.