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Monday, August 08, 2016

Lingering Dreams and Ideas

My mind is filled with lingering dreams and ideas, visions of what can be, but isn't yet.

There isn't the right amount of support, energy, or drive yet for these ideas and dreams, but they remain, and here and there, I give those dream and ideas some time and research.

In the past, dreams and ideas like this have come to fruition when the time was right.

In the most dramatic sense, my children illustrate this. I tell them, "Long before you were born, you were a dream."

I'll make a list today of ideas and dreams that are in the works--the ones I'm currently working on, and a list of those far-off dreams and ideas that are only shadows of what might be someday.

The first step in fulfilling dreams and ideas is to name then, and the next step is to lay a path in their direction.