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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Promoting Optimal Learning Mindsets and Behaviors

Explicitly teaching learning behaviors and attitudes to students supports optimal learning and teaching for all students. 

How do you promote optimal learning mindsets and behaviors in students? Why does that matter?

As we learn about how the brain works and what promotes best learning, we know that behavior and mindset matter. We also know that when students are explicitly taught about the connection between optimal mindset and behavior, they have a greater capacity to learn well.

Of course, learning about these behaviors and mindsets alone is not enough. Students need to practice these behaviors and mindsets, and they need consistent, positive coaching in this regard. Further, as educators, we need to model this language, mindset, and behavior too.

To promote ideal learning mindsets and behaviors, I offer this Learning Mindset and Behavior website. I continually update this website by adding new resources and revising language to best represent new research and learning. I typically use these lessons and resources to jumpstart lessons or as the focus of Open Circle gatherings and class meetings.

In the days ahead I'll add the "Hosting Conversations" information adapted for elementary school children. This information will support good structure and strategy in the classroom to promote optimal collaboration and wise action too.

I invite you to share resources with me as well. What videos, articles, activities, games, and structures do you use to promote optimal learning mindsets and behavior? How do those resources help to give students the tools they need for academic study and success?