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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Teacher Leadership: Lead Each Other

How can we lead each other in schools? What can we do to support one another's efforts, needs, and interests when it comes to teaching well. I am thinking about this as the new school year planning begins to take hold.

Good leadership, in part, occurs with the following statements, questions, and actions:
  • Notice what each other does, and positively comment on each other's good work: 
    • Great bulletin board!
    • Love that lesson!
    • Thanks for helping out with that difficult situation.
    • Thanks for sharing that device, tool, resource. . . .
  • How can we work together to make this a successful, collaborative year?
  • What patterns and routines of communication will support our collaboration?
  • Can I help you with that?
  • I noticed that you're really good at ____, and I was wondering if you could help me out with ________.
  • I live near you, and if you ever need a ride. . . .
  • I noticed this opportunity, and thought you might be interested in it.
  • Nominate your colleagues for awards, and acknowledge their good work publicly.
  • Help out when times are tough (I'm so grateful to my colleagues for chipping in when one of my sons was very ill--they didn't ask, but instead just jumped in and helped out)
  • Be honest and helpful when it comes to uncomfortable situations. (Once a colleague kindly called me on words I used--words that were inappropriate in ways I wasn't aware of. She was courageous to speak up and really helped me in a quiet, personal way)
  • Look for ways to simplify and improve work conditions together so that we have more time and support to do the good work possible.
  • Do what you can when you can. 
There's so much we can do to lead each other forward with positive, proactive action. What else would you add to this list?