Sunday, August 21, 2016

Focus In: Teach Well

It's been a summer of big ideas and lots and lots of professional learning. Now with school just a week away, it's time to focus in and teach well.

What does that mean?

It means that I really want to reach for some of the teaching/learning goals I've learned about and believe in during the next year--goals that include the following:
  • Work collaboratively with the learning team to meet individual and collective goals
  • Establish a strong relationship with every learner and their families
  • Teach all standards with pedagogy that invites voice and choice
  • Reflect regularly, revise as needed
  • Create an inviting, welcoming learning environment
  • Embed a learning/teaching routine that includes regular feedback and thoughtful coaching with the goal of helping every child meet the learning/teaching objectives determined
  • Putting most of the teaching/learning energy into grade-level team goals and endeavor
  • Working towards a balanced professional/personal pattern that maximizes good energy, health, and focus.
With this in mind, I want to focus on the school year agenda as well, an agenda that includes the following:
  • Day to day focus on teaching the identified standards, units, programs, and most importantly the children I work with every day.
  • Professional learning focused on the MassCUE Presentation, ECET2-MA2016 event, DESE Teacher Advisory Cabinet, MTA Professional Learning Committee, school Child Study and Green Teams, and local union efforts to support educators.
  • Next summer's local and MTA professional learning efforts.
After many years of devoting countless hours into my professional craft, I also would like to spend a bit more time on personal efforts this year such as updating my home, nurturing my family, and a continued attempt to transform our lifestyle to an Earth-friendly, healthy pattern that includes mostly locally grown foods, little to no plastics, water conservation, and more as I learn. The fun will include the many family celebrations that occur throughout the year. 

Readying for the school year ahead means taking a look at the big picture, creating a routine that helps you achieve those goals, and then pacing the learning/teaching path ahead.