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Saturday, August 06, 2016

50+ Power and Potential

It's an exciting time to be a 50+ women. And we're lucky
to have the dynamic Hillary Clinton leading the way.
Everywhere I look I see women who are fifty-plus in years doing remarkable things. Recent brain study demonstrates the power of the fifty-plus woman, a woman who has spent a large part of life multi-tasking, and one who has built up all kinds of experience and complex brain circuity.

Then last night when I watched the Olympics, I wasn't surprised to see two fifty-plus women leading the presentation on television. Also, at the MTA Summer Conference, fifty-plus women were everywhere honing their craft and sharing ideas. And, we have a dynamic fifty-plus woman running for President of the United States. Amazing!

There were fifty-plus women ahead of us who raised the bar and opened opportunity for all of us. They are our mentors on this somewhat new path we're all navigating. What a fifty-plus woman can do today far surpasses what our predecessors could do thanks to medical innovation, equal rights laws, and of course, the Internet.

What does this mean for our lives and society?

First, it means that there's lots of opportunity. We can start whole new careers after fifty or empower the career paths we've been on through the busy years of raising children and learning our craft.

Also, this means that we can make things better for the women coming up behind us. We can work for new rules and laws that support working mothers, create affordable day care, and promote equal working conditions, rights, and salaries in the work place.

We can become great models for all those young girls in our world. We can help them to see that they have a broad, exciting path ahead.

And, we can join with the men we love to create a more holistic world--one where all people can live well no matter their culture, economic class, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, career path, body type, or lifestyle.

It's a powerful time for fifty-plus women. It's an exciting time. In a sense, we're re-wiring the culture in valuable and wonderful ways.

What do you have to add to this?