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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Why Violence?

Why do some disregard the value of human life?

Why do some not work in peace together to make a better world?

Who are these violent individuals who have no regard for life particularly the lives of innocents?

Why do people feel they have to turn to guns to solve problems?

There is so much potential for peace and good, collaborative work.

There is so much potential to better our world in so many ways.

How can we prevent these hateful people from using their hate to kill innocent individuals?

How can we stop this carnage?

As educators, it begins with treating every child and family with as much grace, peace, kindness, and care as possible--to serve our students and families well.

As parents it means being present for your children and putting their needs before yours--doing all you can to help your children grow with strength, love, care, and contribution.

As a community it means spending dollars to make sure that everyone in your community is well cared for--to look for ways to meet the needs that exist in the community beginning with the gravest needs.

For complex communities, it means breaking down those communities into small parts. Giving leadership to local community members, and using dollars strategically to care for section by section of those large communities.

We need to move forward first as if there are no limitations. Free our minds to think creatively to solve issues as if we had an open check book and unlimited time.

Then we have to think carefully about what we will do and how we will do it community by community.

We can solve this problem of violence. We have to first believe that we can solve the problem and then do something, anything, at first to make a positive step in that direction.

We hold so much potential for betterment. There is so much promise inherent in the human heart. We can make positive change.