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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Starting the Year with an Enriched Global Cardboard Challenge

Last week's Wayland STEAM Institute prompted me to use the design process to enrich the Global Cardboard Challenge project. Led by conversation during my Global Cardboard Challenge presentation and learning via the keynote speaker, Rob Stephenson, and wonderful break-out sessions, I decided to add the following elements to the project:
  • a more thoughtful introductory phase that will set the stage for a year of engaging math/science teaching/learning, teamwork, and teaching all students. In the past, while most students embraced the project, some were reluctant, and I hope that this more deliberate introduction will invite all students into the learning.
  • an introduction to math/science practices and cross-cutting science concepts
  • a movement from individual creation to group work.
  • engaging, hands-on home study practice and creativity activities.
  • initial teamwork exercises to help students think about what it means to work as a team.
  • more deliberate introduction to the materials available and other materials we may need.
  • a chance to design, re-design, and re-purpose prior to the arcade project.
  • a more explicit and organized introduction/review of our school's service learning efforts.
A design process including elements like those noted above leads the
way my teaching team and I design learning with and for students. 
In students' fifth grade Memory Books, many remarked about how much they enjoyed The Global Cardboard Challenge. It's an engaging and purposeful way to start the teaching/learning year with zest and engagement.

If you're thinking of starting your year in a similar way, I offer the presentation below as a guide. Also, if you have ideas to add, please share.