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Friday, July 22, 2016

Terrific Learning: MTA Summer Conference 2016

With the inspiration from November Learning's Building Learning Communities (BLC) conference, I set about drafting my presentations for the MTA Summer Conference which begins on Sunday, July 31 and runs through Thursday, August 4.

I also took a few moments to review the MTA Summer Conference offerings which are amazing! The Summer Conference has all kinds of opportunities for educators that range from recreational events to professional learning and union organizing.

As a long-time educator, I have always sought out cost effective, thoughtful, and targeted professional learning events as I developed my professional knowledge, concept, and skill. The MTA Summer Conference is a good way to meet professional learning obligations in a welcoming atmosphere during the less busy days of summer. The daily classes are free of charge, lodging and meals are affordable, and an individual can choose to come for one day or more. Some teachers couple the event with a mini family getaway by spending some time learning and other time playing with their children in and around the college campus. Others make it a day to learn with professional colleagues, and still more see the week's events as a mini educator retreat, research week, or even "summer camp for teachers." Personally, I dig in and use the week to jumpstart the teaching/learning year ahead wth lots of thought, research, learning, and share.

If you're curious follow this link to Summer Conference offerings  and take a look at all the offerings. I've listed a few options that I found particularly intriguing below as well as an introduction to the classes I'll lead.

Gateway Leadership Program 
There's one spot left for The Gateway Leadership program which is a great program for educators looking to lead in any capacity. It's a week-long program that comes with free meals and lodging. I took the course this spring and found it to be both intense and transformative.

Deeper Learning and Teaching
Dan Callahan, Mike Ritzius, and Rich Wilson will lead a two-day professional learning event that's aimed at deepening the work we can do to collaborate around meaningful, successful teaching and learning. Ive been to so many conferences over the years that I have a good repertoire of information, but now I want to go deeper with my work so I've signed up for this two-day event. I've learned from Dan and Mike in the past so I know this will be an exceptional learning experience.

SEIMassachusetts' educators who have not taken the SEI course during their current licensure years, will have to earn 15 PDP points in this area of study. There is a course available for that during the summer conference if you're interested:

Graduate Credits
25-hours of learning at the MTA Summer Conference translates into two graduate credits, if you're interested. Classes at the Summer Conference are free of charge and lodging and meals are inexpensive should you need to stay. This is an inexpensive way to earn credits. 

Unique Events
There are also many unique events on the agenda including a wine/painting, app making, architectural tours, Ed Talks, and this wonderful field trip below:

My Presentations
I welcome you as well to join me for the presentations I'll give. I added an outline of each presentation below the description should you want to get a glimpse of what we'll talk and learn about.