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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Don't Lose Track of the Questions for Betterment

As I learn this summer, I recognize so many avenues for better work and teaching. This recognition has led me to a number of questions that I have going forward, questions I don't want to lose sight of.
  1. How will systems create ESSA implementation teams and efforts?
  2. How will systems support the creation of dynamic learning spaces?
  3. How will systems promote optimal technology integration and use?
  4. How will systems ensure that dynamic learning is equitable and available to all students?
  5. How will systems restructure roles, routines, finances, and time to better what we can do for every child?
  6. How will systems create timely, transparent, inclusive communication systems so that information is readily shared, discussed, and applied to maximize what we can do for all stakeholders?
  7. How will systems employ inclusive, distributive research and development efforts so that the distance between research/contextual need and practice with regard to good work is minimized?
  8. How will hierarchical models in systems become more distributive models of effective teaching and learning?
  9. How will I employ the learning to date to better the work I can do on my own and with the learning/teaching team of students, family members, colleagues, administrators, and community members to teach well? Specifically, how will I do the following:
    1. Update the Maker Station to support STEAM/Math teaching/learning as well as class community and creativity.
    2. Incorporate SeeSaw student portfolios to maximize student learning, parent communication, publication, reflection, and response.
    3. Increase opportunities for "maker math," student reflection/assessment, visual models, "floor-ceiling" project based learning, and tech integration in the math classroom.
    4. How will I increase cultural proficiency, class community, social/emotional learning, learning-to-learn behaviors and mindsets for all students? 
There's much to learn in the year ahead. The key is to bring the new learning back to the school, share with colleagues, and apply in ways that meaningfully improve what we can do for every child and family.