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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Change and Stability: Finding the Balance

It's not easy to promote change, but it is remiss not to read and react to signals for change.

When these signals are ignored or buried, they only burst forth with greater fervor and energy often hindering and hurting those in its way. Plus denied good change is equal to lost potential.

Instead when change calls, we must listen and act.

If we have established strong, trusting communities of solidarity and care, then we will be ready to meet any change with strength as we'll have others to consult with and share in the work that change expects.

I know that for many who are not near to the troubles that cry for change, it is easier to look the other way, pretend it didn't happen, or think that it is not one's duty to act or react, but that is not the case.

Pain and hurt that happens in one corner of the world finds its way to other corners, if change does not occur--good, long lasting, positive change.

In each of our small corners of life, we have the potential to contribute to positive change. We have the responsibility too to use what we have and who we are to forward what's possible for ourselves and others.

None of us will have all the answers or all the right responses, but in our honest efforts and actions, we will enable good, and together, helping one another, that good will grow exponentially.

It feels like a heavy obligation, but one step at a time, we'll get there and it will be worth the work we do together.