Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Breaking and Obstructing

What actions break and obstruct rather than build and develop?

How can we look carefully at what we do individually and collectively to create, imagine, and make better?

What have we done to thwart the good work, ideas, care, and compassion contributing to disharmony, hurt, and harm?

I heard a broken man cry.

I listened to a truthsayer speak out for betterment.

I watched an onlooker wince.

I wondered what I could do.

Mirrors reflect the work of one, many, and more.

Good reflects good and grows, and the same is true for bad.

We become what we do, we reap what we sow.

How can we mirror good in our individual and collective work?

What impedes this? What contributes to it?

If we have the opportunity to better, we must take advantage of that opportunity to make positive change.

Like a baby learning to walk, our steps toward positive advocacy will often be shaky, unknowing, wobbly.

We'll fall down, get up, fall down again.

We will unknowingly break and obstruct rather than build and develop at times, but together in earnest it's more likely that we'll forge a positive path.

When obstruction, injustice, and hurt prevail.

I wince too.

I try to find the meaning, figure it out, and know what to do.

I speak up when I have something of import to say, and stay quiet or ask questions when the situation is confusing, troubling, or hurtful.

There's much to consider as we walk this path of life, and in the best of circumstances we will surround ourselves by all that is good and forward moving walking the road to do the best we can with grace and care.

It's a long, windy, and uncertain journey that we travel.