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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Tomorrow: June 9, 2016

Today students and I read and edited countless biography projects. I liked the way so many pitched in to help. I was also appreciative of the kindergarten teachers' help as when students completed their share of their work, many helped out in the kindergarten. That gave me time to focus on those who weren't quite done. By day's end, all but one report was complete, and that report is only a thread's width away from completion so we'll definitely be ready by Friday. I like finishing the project a day or two ahead as it gives students time to think about their presentations as they act in the character of famous people throughout time. The picture at the top of the page depicts last year's students who also prepared well for the event.

Tomorrow is mostly Field Day with a bit of extra time for biography presentation set-up, character practice, and a concert from one of our upper level schools. The overall theme for tomorrow is good sportsmanship, outdoor fun and recreation, teamwork, and preparation. An assistant will take my place for the start of the day as I'm scheduled for a professional meeting to work out some details related to student service/learning with a few colleagues.

It's that time of year when there are hard choices to make too as you simply can't attend every graduation, celebration, picnic, party, and event--hence you have to be mindful that you don't stretch yourself too thin, but you still do what's most important and what you can do.

It's that day-by-day time of year when we can't do it all, but we do prioritize what's most important, and in school, that means what's best for students.