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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Thinking BIG: USA Direction

Perhaps it's because I work with bright eyed, intelligent, energetic, and creative children everyday that I see potential for our country everywhere. If I were in charge of the world, here's some actions I'd forward.

A Great Education for Every Child
That means time each day with high quality, positive, engaging, and empowering learning and teaching. The kind of teaching and learning that helps students to figure out who they are and who they want to be. Learning and teaching that helps students develop a strong academic foundation, belief in themselves, and learning-to-learn skills and attitudes.

Natural and Created Beauty
Beauty inspires the best of us, and I believe that we should make every effort to create and sustain natural and created places of beauty.

Quality Health Care, Homes, Communities, Recreation, and Food for All
With the fact that jobs as we know them are becoming less and less, I think we should turn our attention to serving one another as best we can. Instead of quotas for doctors and health professionals, I'm a fan of letting anyone who wants to work in the profession, get the education they need to take care of others. I also believe that we can invest in one another by helping each other achieve quality homes, neighborhoods, recreation, and food. Quality takes time and intent, and quality often leads to a better life too. I think we can move further in this direction.

Registry of Gun Ownership
I really like the idea of a Registry of Gun Ownership that runs similarly to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. I read this idea some time ago and I think it's a great idea. If people really want to own a gun, I believe they should have to go through a number of tests, necessary paperwork, and training just like most of us do when we want to drive a car.

The Child Lens
If we see life and decisions through the "child lens," or what is best for children, we will most likely make decisions that are best for all people.

Acknowledge, Embrace, and Maximize Our Interdependence
We are an interdependent Earth. We live in a place where all organisms rely on one another for survival. We can ignore this fact, or we can embrace it and move towards positive and proactive interdependence.

Work for Peace
Spend as much or more on efforts to develop peace as we spend on efforts to war.

These are a few ideas for now--ideas I think will help us to be a better people.