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Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Week Ahead: Last Full Week of School

The final week of school, not unlike the last three or four weeks, is eventful.

On Monday, my homeroom students will learn about ecosystems from a local activist, naturalist, Green Team Member, and Wayland Transition Founder, Kaat Vander Straeten. Later that day they'll enjoy a cultural enrichment event and visit the Middle School for a talk and tour.

On Tuesday they'll engage in a couple of STEAM events including related videos and reading.

Wednesday will find us listening to the local firefighter talk about safety. After that we'll clean up the room and prep for Thursday's "Amazing Nature Adventure."

On Thursday, we'll visit a local nature preserve and actively observe and interact with the natural surroundings.

Then on Friday, it's time for Memory Books, Move-Up Day, a visit from the local librarian to talk about summer reading, and more STEAM study.

The following Monday, students will enjoy a fun day at the high school, a pizza picnic, a slide show, clap-out, and grade-level gathering.

As I keep saying, the focus ahead is to support students with regard to kind and caring behavior towards one another and celebration of the year's good collective study and learning.