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Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Week Ahead: First Full Week in June 2016

Again, as it's the final weeks of school, our time/energy is best spent with as much attention to student care and happiness as possible.

This week marks a very busy and exciting week in the school house. The week includes the following events:

Freedom Trail Trip
The focus here will be to match location and site to the stories of American history. We've hired a wonderful guide who is a great storyteller to lead our adventure.

Biography Presentation
Students will complete their biography presentations and show up in costume to make a timeline of changemakers from all over the world throughout time. Family members and students will join us to meet these "famous changemakers" and to walk through time.

Field Day
Students will collaborate with a large number of individual and team sports events.

Water Filters
Students will design their own filters to clean water as a grade-level STEAM event.

Human Body Systems
Students will continue to learn about their amazing "human machines."

ECET2 Team
Our team will meet to make plans for the October ECET2 that's focused on "Teaching All Students." Meenoo Rami and Jose Vilson will keynote while Chop Chop organizes the healthy food for the event. Stay tuned for the RFP and nomination process.

It will be a wonderful week, and the focus now is resting up so that the week goes well.