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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Teacher: Role Model, Mentor, and Coach

As I shared a healthy environment discussion with colleagues, one colleague remarked about the fact that we're role models for the students we teach. I agree that teachers are role models. Among our many other jobs, we're mentors and coaches too.

These roles call us to be as good as we can in what we do. These roles also call us to collaborate with one another in the school setting because none of us can be all things.

Summer is a good time to think about the ways in which you coach, mentor, and serve as a role model well, and the ways that you could improve upon.

Thinking about the daily routine you employ, demeanor, learning design, and language can help route you forward in your work.

The last days of school are good days to practice what you hope for in the year ahead. In that regard, what will you do to model, mentor, and coach well as school draws to a close.