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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Respectful Decision Making

As I think ahead to school year 2016-2017, I'm thinking about respectful decision making for the teaching/learning team.

What does respectful decision making look like?

As I think about this, I recognize that successful decision making includes the following attributes:
  • As much as possible, respectful decision making is inclusive. When this happens all people on the team have a voice.
  • Respectful decision making includes good process--a process that enlists the voices of many with sufficient time for discussion, debate, and research too if needed.
  • Respectful decision making is transparent. In most school decisions there's little need for secrecy and when the whole team knows what's going on, the process is more respectful and the result typically more successful.
Respectful decision making is supported by lead time, open transparent conversation/debate, good research, reflection, and revision when necessary.