Thursday, June 23, 2016

Online Math Coach: Teach Math Well

Create a website this summer to lead your math teaching/learning.
If you're interested in teaching math well in the year ahead, please take a look at my online math coaching site.

Throughout the summer, I'll write a number of posts that lead from summer study and classroom preparation to real-time teaching ideas and practice mostly associated with teaching fifth grade math.

I'm writing this blog to both coach myself forward for the year ahead and to also help any teachers out there that are looking for a teaching/learning guide with regard to math.

As one teacher I don't have all expertise in this area, and therefore, welcome your thoughts and ideas in relation to any posts I write. After teaching for thirty years, I do have some expertise with regard to math teaching and have come to adore the subject and the many wonderful ways we can engage and teach children math well.

So please join me in the days ahead. I'll likely write a post most days, and then use the posts to guide my own work during the 2016-2017 school year. In a sense, the blog models the co-coaching/hybrid model I support when it comes to teaching and leading well in schools. I believe that most educators in teaching/learning organizations should have direct responsibility for teaching children and coaching one another with a team attitude/model. I believe models like this support the best of what we can do to develop our programs and teach children well.